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Local Gov Covid-19        Emergency Online Chatbot & Booking Solutions   

Implement the digital solutions your citizens need today, deflect calls and emails so that you can continue to provide access to the services needed.


See a live demo of our Local Gov COVID19 emergency online chatbot & booking solutions 


Built for scale


1000+ Satisfied Clients


Over 3m Bookings A Year

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  • Call & Email Deflector Tool: Deflect needless contact, direct users to the information they need immediately.
  • Parks, Rec & Green Spaces: Booking and Capacity Management System
  • Covid-19 Medical Testing Sites: Booking and Resource Management System
  • Staff and Volunteer: Resource Management System
  • Key Worker Child care: Booking and Resource Management System
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All In One Solution

15+ Secure & GDPR Compliant Solutions In One System 

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CCS Supplier

GCloud and Digital Outcomes & Specialists Supplier

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Award Winning

Voted Most Innovative Online Booking System 2020

Customer Testimonials

We are a trusted supplier to partners such as CAPITA, Insight, Sopra Steria, Local Authorities and NHS trusts across the country, as well as the largest global organisations.

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"The BookingLive team are very professional and they ensured that the end-to-end process of procurement-to-live ran smoothly and that all deadlines were met. I would thoroughly recommend the product and team to any organisation looking for a booking solution"

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Guildford Council

"BookingLive have been great from the start - our system went live on time and worked immediately. The team have understood that some of our needs are slightly different to their other clients and have developed our system accordingly"

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"The way all booking should be done. If you can think of a process you have internally that is currently managed by a person using a spreadsheet or any other form of static record that needs to be manually update and therefore isn't a real time booking system you need to engage BookingLive to demonstrate the way it can and should be done."

Digital Solutions

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